Forming transforms materials from a stock form or shape to a required form through the primary action of material flow.


Flow Mechanism

Material Flow may be achieved in solid state; for example Cold Forging, or liquid state; for example Casting. Processes may transform localised areas of a component, as with Tube End Flaring or may transform the entire stock form to produce a component as with Progressive Die Forming & Deep Drawing.


Diverse Range in The UK

With Tube Processing and Manipulation being a staple process for the automotive sector, particularly in under-bonnet applications these processes readily get used at the highest volumes, whilst aerospace and bespoke fabrication markets stretch the application of the process across the entire volume range down to 1 off fabrications.

Casting and Forging speak for themselves in their application as primary processes in almost every Market to be served.


Processes Typically Combined with Forming

Material flow mechanisms whether in solid or liquid state, bring with them induced stresses therefore Finishing and Treatment Processes to transform surface or Bulk properties are highly applicable. For processes where forming may be more localised, Joining Processes and Bending Processes are commonplace at all volumes of fabrication.