Bending uses localised linear pressure to impart shape to stock materials and forms through the primary action of paired material stretching and compressing.


Linear Pressure Mechanism

Processes typically involve Dies designed to control the bending action, the main variation of the mechanism being the application of linear acting dies, as with Sheet Metal Bending & Press Braking or rotationally acting dies providing a continuous bending action as with Plate Rolling.


Diverse Range in The UK

With press braking and sheet metal folding being central to sheet metal fabrication at both high and low volumes of manufacture, the UK is well placed to serve every market sector. Heavy fabrication, including pressure vessels, structural steel and architectural steel work call upon the UK's bending capabilities routinely.


Processes Typically Combined with Bending

Bending processes are typically accompanied by a range of fabrication processes including Joining Processes other Bending Processes, and in many cases, where bending has induced stresses Finishing and Treatment Processes, where heat treatment may be used to relieve those stresses.