FAQs on Becoming a Member

Do I qualify as a supplier?

You must be a business offering a process or set of processes that we list in our search. It's that simple, select the processes you offer - promote your versatile capability profile.

What's the "Awesome Honesty Policy?"

In brief you agree to only select capabilities which you truly offer and update your profile if any details change. Users will report you for telling porkies Honesty + Accuracy = Quality

See our Content Standards and Other terms here.

What Processes do you list?

The best place to see an overview of the processes we list is our supplier search page. It has detailed process descriptions which allow you to select your exact capability, accurately.

Do I get full access to all features during the 30 day trial?

Yes - we don't 'water down' our free trial, you get the full octane version of Manufacturing Network. We are however, continuously developing new features and functionality based on what our customers want. Periodically there will be some features that are rolled out to some members, but not all to allow a smooth introduction of anything new!

What happens after the 30 day trial if I haven't subscribed?

We simply keep your information on file for up to 6 months, this allows you to come back and subscribe even after the 30 Day Free Trial has ended - without needing to complete your profile again!Â

Your profile won't be visible to the search engine, but the information will be waiting for you to come back!Â

Do I still get the full 30 day trial if I subscribe before the end?

Yes! Whenever you choose to join Manufacturing Network, you will still get your first 30 days free. Payments for subscriptions won't be taken until after the 30 day free trial.

Does the subscription fee include VAT?

Good question! Yes - the price you see is inclusive of VAT! It's like having a surprise 20% discount! We provide VAT invoices for accounting purposes whenever an invoice is paid. We like it when things just work!

Can I get a VAT invoice for my subscription?

Yes - a VAT invoice is produced automatically for any invoice payment received through our payment system. If you need anything special, adapting or changing on your invoice a member of our team can make sure it happens - just email support@manufacturingnetwork.com

Can I pay by direct debit / BACs transfer?

No - Not Yet - we don't currently offer Direct Debit or BACS transfer as a standard method of payment. However in some circumstances we can facilitate either. We will be bringing more payment methods to the Manufacturing Network Control Panel very soon!Â

Can I get more than 1 member of my team to login and manage the profile?

Yes - However, this will be using a single login email and password, which you will have to share with your team. We require you to keep your login details safe and secure as per our terms of use and suggest that one person has ownership of the account to ensure changes are approved and accurate - in line with our honesty policy within our terms of use.

How often do I need to keep updating my profile?

Manufacturing Network is designed to be a low maintenance sales and marketing platform - we don't rank your profile in our search engine based on your activity, or inactivity.

However we recommend you keep buyers up to date with your evolving company capabilities and case studies.

In short - as much as little as you want - as long as the profile remains an accurate reflection of your company capability.

How do I receive enquiries if they are sent through the website?

Direct to your email inbox - Manufacturing Network is a conduit for enquiries. When a buyer enquires via the enquiry page within your capability profile, a copy of the enquiry is sent directly to your email inbox, and a copy is saved on your Profile in the Account Management Area.

Do I have to "post" information like with twitter and facebook?

Definitely Not! We aren't into that time sucking business of providing endless threads of low quality / random posts from god-knows-who!Â

Manufacturing Network provides a mechanism by which Buyers seek out Suppliers who meet their requirements.

Unlike other social networks where it's all about who can shout the loudest (or has the biggest budget)

Will people only find my profile if they search manufacturing network?

If someone searches any of the reputable search engines (such as Google), your profile will be searched by them - which basically means your profile can be found in loads of ways, not just through our unique search engine.

We work day and night to propel your profile from within Manufacturing Network and in the big search engines - like your own personal online marketing team!