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This process involves cutting of plate metal using a concentrated Plasma Beam that is CNC controlled – machines may be multi-head for increased production rate or just a single Plasma cutting head.

Unlike 2 Dimensional or 2-Axis Plasma cutting, a Third Dimension is introduced to allow shaping or "bevelling" of a cut edge. This allows the creation of profiles with varying geometry along their edges, as would be necessary for weld preparation.


Plate profiles may be have their edges prepared either within the profiling cycle as with 3 Dimensional Plasma Cutting, or an edge preparation applied by a rotating cutting tool after profiling - see "Edge Preparation"

3 Dimensional Plasma Cutting


The various shielding gas and plasma arc generation mechanisms are included in this process category. Typically High Definition Plasma Cutting is used for 3 Dimensional Plasma Cutting, as it has more angular flexibility than other methods.