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Your efforts to find new business can feel like an endless battle;
trade shows, online marketing, social media updates...
We call it the marketing muddle and we’re here to make things easier

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Why Manufacturing Network?



  • It's a Directory Built By Engineers For Engineers

    This is the online sales and marketing platform built for you; easy to use, quick to setup, maintenance free. Manufacturing Network has Engineering in its DNA.

  • We're Focused Entirely on Manufacturing Capability

    Your manufacturing capability is your company DNA. Our capability categories and purpose built selector allow you to demonstrate your unique capability profile.

  • The New Business Opportunities Come to You

    More than just a profile, contact list, sign post or tool. Providing intelligence about who’s interested in your services through to delivering targeted enquiries.

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Are Your Online Efforts Delivering Results?



  • Social networks steal your time, energy and attention

    So many social networks make you feel like you work for them. Constant updates, worrying about doing it right, no real measurable outcome. Manufacturing Network is the network that works for you.

  • Websites typically over-promise & under-perform

    Worthwhile websites demand investment and attention, otherwise they underperform. Manufacturing Network can deliver customers to your website - so you can put your website to work on closing the deal.

  • ...and Buyers still had difficulty searching for Manufacturers!

    Search results they didn’t believe, poor capability definition, sponsored profiles got in the way, the list was shocking - Buyers needed a search engine, Suppliers needed sales, we built Manufacturing Network

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Manufacturing Network Will Transform Your Visibility Online 
Without Demanding The Time & Money You Can’t Afford



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  • Customers Will Understand Your Full Range of Capabilities

    Better, more process focused categorisation than anywhere else on the web; new and existing customers will understand your capabilities more than ever.

    Capabilities are categorised as core and supplementary. Core = standalone services. Supplementary = additional services that complement your core capabilities - you’re a solution provider, start selling solutions.

    Select your Core and Supplementary capabilities and you get targeted leads and enquiries from customers who truly understand, not just the processes you offer, but the full solutions.

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  • New Opportunities Will Find You With Your Very Own 24/7 Salesperson

    Customers are delivered to your profile using our search engine, then we go to work selling you, as a business with our extensive business profile. Introduce your company, your team, the materials you work with, the software you use, the industries you work for, your quality certifications and more

    A customisable profile you can make your own - with your branding integrated your uniqueness can shine through. Plug in your logo, and a banner image and it’s clear, it’s all about you, your business, your capability.

    Got some work you want to show off? Simply upload images and write as much as you like using the case studies section of the profile. Often the final hurdle in convincing a buyer is demonstrating your experience, case studies deliver leads and close sales.



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  • You Can Work Smarter, Not Harder And Still be More Accessible

    Information on who’s viewed your profile, who’s shortlisted your company and how your profile is performing is provided. This allows you to take action, nurture the real leads and close sales.

    With built in enquiry management, there's no excuse to miss out on a bid or hot lead again. See what you are winning, losing and quoting all in one place. It’s built to be simple, no learning curve, even your granny could use it.

    Your profile is fully mobile friendly so your customers can connect with you whenever, and wherever they are, and you can manage your profile on any device.

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  • Your Capability Will Matter - Not Your Online Marketing Budget

    Quality and Accuracy are our key principles. We build credibility with our buyer community through providing accurate capability profiles - select your capabilities accurately and in return we let you select as many as you need - no senseless limitations.

    The capability search engine is a level playing field - no promoted ads, no sponsored profiles. With Manufacturing Network it’s not about your budget, it’s about your capability.

    Time and money spent posting and updating on social networks doesn't influence your search results ranking on this search engine - it's all about your capability.



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  • You Can Register in Seconds. Simple Profile Setup Without Endless Maintenance

    You can be registered in seconds and visible in the search results in minutes. Quick to setup, easy to edit on any device - if you can type on a keyboard, you can create a great company profile - no marketing voodoo needed.

    Your profile is updated in real-time - edits will be on your profile in seconds, no verifications, no approvals. In return all we ask for is your commitment to provide quality, accurate information. Our quality monitor robots are there to flag and resolve any problems.

    Extensive support is provided right through from registration to profile creation and maintenance. Access support right from your account management area - giving you advice on best practice, and how to complete your profile. We'll even check your profile for you.

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  • A Guaranteed Return on Investment With a Small Price, That Stays Small

    You get a 30 day free trial - completely on us, with no obligations. Get to know the site, experience the power and control at your fingertips. Open the valve on your new and improved sales pipeline, we know you won’t want to turn it off.

    You get complete payment flexibility, selecting a Monthly or save some money with an Annual Membership with no long term contract. We have a hassle free payments system, where you can set-it and forget it and keep an eye on your subscription status right from your account dashboard.

    Your budget will never be stretched with our stable price commitment - stay subscribed and your Membership fee will never increase. Manufacturing Network is more than just cost effective, it’s a guaranteed return on investment.


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Still Have Questions? Try our FAQs - if you can't find your answer, get in touch

  • Do I qualify as a supplier?

    You must be a business offering a process or set of processes that we list in our search. It's that simple, select the processes you offer - promote your versatile capability profile.

  • What's the "Awesome Honesty Policy?"

    In brief you agree to only select capabilities which you truly offer and update your profile if any details change. Users will report you for telling porkies Honesty + Accuracy = Quality

  • What Processes do you list?

    The best place to see an overview of the processes we list is our supplier search page. It has detailed process descriptions which allow you to select your exact capability, accurately.


Still Have Questions? See Our FAQs