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All too often we hear people say “we don’t manufacture anything in the UK any more” when the truth is it’s just difficult to find manufacturers in the UK - these two are not the same. Manufacturing Network is on a mission to solve the problem by marketing the UK’s awesome range of manufacturing capability online



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  • Search for Combinations of Processes
    Find Solutions

    Search for the combination of manufacturing services you require for your component or assembly and our search engine will provide you with suppliers who can deliver the finished goods, under one contract.

  • Logical Process Categorisation
    Easy to Search

    With full process descriptions, an extensive support system and a highly refined list of processes to search from, searching for suppliers is simple, effective and repeatable.

  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly
    Search Anywhere, Anytime

    You will never be more than a button tap away from understanding your suppliers capability, sending an enquiry or searching for a solution to a problem - as it arises.

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How effective are your sourcing methods?

  • General Search Engines Provide General Results

    Well known search engines such as Google are great for general purpose searching, but when it comes to targeted searches - you need to cut out the noise. Manufacturing Network is the Search Engine built for you.

  • Directories are Old News & Poorly Categorised

    Suppliers would choose their capabilities from a poorly constructed list, listed in multiple categories regardless of their true capability. Our suppliers can select only their capabilities - meaning more effective and accurate search results for you.

  • Trade Shows provide personality- not searchability

    Trade shows offer a great opportunity to meet and greet suppliers. However, their marketing materials fill many a cluttered desk draw - making them all but useless for quick search, reference and comparison. Manufacturing Network is there when you need it.

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Manufacturing Network Will Transform The Way You Search
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Manufacturing Network will deliver results using a search engine that's built around you

  • Manufacturing Capabilities that are truly aligned to your requirements

    Use the powerful capability combination search to find suppliers who offer you the complete solution - our proprietary algorithm is focused on capability unlike conventional search engines

    Don't know exactly the solution you are looking for yet? No problem, use the basic search to browse at your leisure, find out which capabilities are offered, in which combinations - quickly and simply

    With better, capability focused categories than you'll find anywhere else on the web you can be sure not to miss out on the extensive manufacturing capabilities you have on your doorstep in the UK

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  • Understand your suppliers’ capability and motivation better than ever before

    Our supplier profiles are designed to provide you with all the information you need at the click of a button. You may even discover capability in your existing supply chain that you didn't even know existed!

    We provide suppliers with the information they need to understand who is viewing and showing interest in them, meaning you get to know who is truly interested in your business and your projects. We all love Win-Win situations.

    No more cold-RFQ or RFP - suppliers are waiting for your interaction, this increases responsiveness and engagement with your RFQs and RFPs

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  • Save Searches, Shortlist Suppliers and Send Enquiries all from within one website

    Working online can be fast, sometimes too fast - we forget what we've seen and done all the time. Saving your searches is the easy way to work fast with the benefit of returning to your search at any time in the future.

    Supplier shortlisting allows you to keep track of those suppliers you've managed to dig out. Quickly access a supplier profile at any time - right from your account - you're a click away from your suppliers at all times.

    Working in multiple programs and applications is an inevitability in today's world - we aim to make it simple, send enquiries directly through the supplier profile, you don't even have to launch your email!

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  • A Knowledge Base of Advice and Guidance Built for You

    Need answers to questions about processes, limitations, capabilities...? The Knowledge Base is built for you to find key information you need to deliver your projects

    Think you may be able to offer some key insight? Something that you want to share with the industry, raising your profile, and your business' digital voice? Publish to the Knowledge Base - for FREE

    One online environment where you can get the information you need, then act on it - investigate, understand, then search - without leaving the tab on your web browser.

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  • Search Results and Capability Profiles You Can Trust

    The suppliers you will find on Manufacturing Network are invested in selling their capability through their supplier profile. Meaning you get results from suppliers who are serious about their business.

    Our quality monitoring robots work 24 hours a day to keep profiles up to date and in check - working for you at all times. Keeping the buyer communities' interests at the heart of the search engine..

    We provide you with the power to enforce quality for the search community - if you spot an inaccurate profile you have the power to report it. You get results you can believe in.

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  • Simple, Clean Design Which is Easy to Use on Your Desktop or Mobile

    It literally takes seconds to register and set up your account - once you're in there's nothing to hold you back. Being fully mobile friendly you'll have access to supplier profiles when you need it.

    With so many websites, apps and programs its easy to get lost with all the different learning curves. We built a website around you, meaning no learning curve. Start searching now.

    No ads, promoted profiles or flying offer pop-ups. Instead you get the clean, non-distracting interface of your own internal databases. We think that's pretty refreshing, we hope you do to!

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