About Us

So, who are we?

Manufacturing Network is a wholly privately owned business, driven by the growth of each and every one of its members, without whom there wouldn't be a Manufacturing Industry in the UK.

The team behind Manufacturing Network are experienced engineers and committed marketers who have lived with the frustrations of both seeking manufacturing capability in the UK and promoting it.

The culmination of those experiences and the learning we have taken from them is Manufacturing Network.


What's the plan?

We have a ferocious development roadmap, with intuitive user experience and easy to use functionality being the leading principles of developing your online environment.

Manufacturing Network isn't just another manufacturing industry evangelist - by providing a search engine with an advanced search algorithm, and a truly inclusive online environment the results can speak for themselves.


Where are we?

We're everywhere - we operate throughout the UK to serve our members, promoting their UK based manufacturing capabilities.

If you'd like to get in contact you can email us at support@manufacturingnetwork.com

Our registered address is: Thistledown Barn, 204 Holcot Ln, Sywell, Northampton NN6 0BG
Please note, we do not trade from this address,


How Does Manufacturing Network Benefit Me?

Good question! And the answer depends on whether you are a buyer or supplier of manufacturing and engineering capability - You may even be both!

First things first - Buyers can source the engineering and manufacturing capability they require from our Supplier Search Engine, and suppliers, well you get found by these active buyers who are searching for your capabilities.

We're connecting active buyers with UK suppliers in a way no one else can, through our innovative search engine and Professional Capability Profiles. Generating new business opportunities for suppliers, and solving the issue of finding UK based suppliers for buyers.


Suppliers can find out more about the Benefits of Becoming a Member here.

Buyers can find out more about the Supplier Search Engine and Membership here.


Thanks for visiting,
The Team at Manufacturing Network